bRemote is a program to control your computer without having to leave
your favorite chair, that means with the use of remote control.
It supports only remote controls connected to the TV tuner cards.

This program does not work with Leadtek WinView 601 card,
despite the fact you can select this card in the setup window.
I though it will work like most other remotes, but it doesn’t and there are troubles with it.
I’m aware of that fact, but there’s nothing I can do at the moment.

This program is quite powerfull, but not easy to handle with.
It has no fancy, user-fiendly configurator like other programs.
It’s controlled by a script, which is a plain text file.
Once you understand how it works you’ll be able to do everything you want in a couple of minutes.
Detailed description of the script file is in the package.

It’s freeware so download and enjoy.