This program doesn’t work well/does not work at all.
Some functions of my card aren’t supported.
Original program works well.

The idea of bTV came to me because the program that came with my tuner card
was terribly uncomfortable to use and the picture quality was poor.
From the beginning picture quality was my main target.
That’s why I have decided not to use the drivers but to control directly the chip on the card.
It allowed to double the picture refreshment frequency (that is 50Hz PAL/60Hz NTSC)
from what other programs offer.
Unfortunately that also means that support for all card’s features must be in the program itself
and must be written virtually from zero.

TV tuner cards differs each from another, especially in the sound part.
Their manufacturers add extra chips switching or decoding stereo sound.
It is impossible for me to test, check or buy all available cards.
Original program is written by the manufacturer for his own card,
so he can add support for all functions on the card.
I can’t test all cards that’s why some functions don’t work on some cards.
The most frequent problem is the sound, which is caused by the fact that the manufacturer
has put an extra chip switching or decoding stereo sound.
Support for such features can’t be added without possibility of testing it
even if it is known what chip is installed on the card.
The same situation is with remote controllers. Most of them works on the same basis,
but there are few that works in a way only heavens knows of (and the people who made it)
and support for these can’t be added without knowing how this thing works.

It is virtually impossible for bTV to support all functions of all cards.
That’s why there may be some troubles on some of them and it’s sad reality.

A few moments from start a message appears saying
“Your VBI interrupt is not working properly” and program quits.

Install newest version on BTV.
Generally bTV does not require to install drivers for your tuner card because it has it’s own driver.
Sometimes, however, without the drivers system does not fully initialize the card.
If the Windows freezes or that message appears after running bTV
it means that you should install drivers that will initalize your card and allocate it’s resources.
If you’re using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you can download WDM drivers
from or

Can you send me drivers for XXX?

I neither do make drivers for tuner cards nor collect them.
Go to the card manufacturer’s web page, there you should find drivers for various Windows versions.
If you’re looking WDM drivers (for Windows 2000 or XP), take a look at or and check if these drivers do support your card.

I’m using version 2.xx and getting error message
that there is not enough memory in Windows XP.

It looks that older versions of bTV don’t work in Windows XP.
If they do then you’re just lucky :-).
There will be no updates for these versions.